2021 Began in 2016

January 6th, 2021, a day that will live in infamy started in 2016, when Donald J Trump was elected president. The democratic party including Hillary Clinton spoke out calling him an illegitimate president, and saying the election was stolen. Democrats allowed the protests and some out of hand violence to continue for months, before it somewhat; but never entirely subsided. Off and on we saw repeats of the same thing, and it was amplified by Nancy Pelosi not getting along with President Trump, and the pure foaming at the mouth hatred for him.

Then in March of 2020 the nation was griped with 2 major events. Covid, and the death of George Floyd. People in Minnesota protested, burned, and committed acts of grand larceny in the name of justice, all the while claiming all cops are bad. On capitol hill politicians like Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Kamala Harris, Presley and others encouraged people to contribute to the bail funds to get those arrested out of jail, and back on the streets the next day; and never once condemning them for their lawless actions. Through out 2020 we watched as the violence grew, and a new group arose. Antifa.

Antifa, comprised mostly of the far left young people who want communism, and socialism in the US, got involved, and were a major part of the peaceful protests turning riotous. Videos on youtube, captured by those that were there show much of the violence incited by the new radical group. They grew bolder as time went on, dawning their own home made and local store bought riot gear. Bicycle helmets, respirators, electric blowers used to blow tear gas away, goggles, and home made shields. The even brought high powered lasers, and commercial grade fireworks to the protests showing a pre-meditated desire to do battle with the authorities.

Meanwhile on capitol hill, AOC and the squad refused to renounce Antifa, and Kamala Harris is quoted as saying "nothing gets done without violence." Across the country Trump supporters gathered as well with looming intelligence of bus loads of Antifa heading to other cities outside of Portland and Seattle. Determined not to let the destruction that plagued Portland, Seattle, and the twin cities spill over into their communities. Thousands of videos sprang up on social media showing that Trump supporters were docile, and did not respond with violence unless provoked by the other side, be it BLM or Antifa, though most of the time the group turned out to be Antifa.

As the time drew nearer to the election, clashes between the groups and police grew ever more. Nancy Pelosi called federal officers "Gustapo" and "Trump's Storm Troopers" If no one knew that the country was divided, this Was surely a neon sign saying so. The speaker of the House and arguably the most powerful person in the congress, was calling federal officers "Storm Troopers" and "White racists". Those words caused BLM and Antifa to respond even more and in more force than what had already been seen. Antifa began carrying frozen bottles of water to hurl at the police, breaking the bones of many officers. Still no renouncement from the Democratic party; but praise instead.

As the election happens and beyond, Trump supporters continue to protest without violence, and disperse when told to do so by the police. This is the biggest difference between them and BLM/Antifa. Time and time again, when the police tell them to disperse, they do not and get violent. Trump supporters through out the year stay on the sidewalks, do not block traffic, and disperse when told. Through out the year BLM/Antifa, block traffic, and emergency vehicles, assaulting cop cars with skateboards and whatever else they have, blocking ambulances from getting by, pulling white people from their cars and beating them, and never dispersing when told. The list of crimes goes on and on, including arson, atempted murder, murder, and grand larceny, all the while Trump supporters, though remaining calm unless confronted; becoming more and more angry with the lack of democratic voices telling BLM and Antifa to stop, Especially after President Trump stood up before the world denouncing all hate and violent groups including KKK, Skinheads, BLM, Antifa and others.

Then January 6th.

On this day tens of thousands gather in the nations capital. Trump supporters, constitutionalists, Republicans, Proud boys (who's leader is a black cuban), 3%er's and others. These people are of all nationalities and skin colors, yet they are still being grouped and called "White Nationalists" by democrats including their leader Nancy Pelosi. If you would have asked my personal opinion on that day, and told me that they were going to storm the capitol; I would have told you to stop smoking crack. These are Trump supporters. Despite the powder keg building all through the year, i would bet that even the capitol police there never thought for a moment that they were going to storm the building.

The aftermath was some what worse, as BLM and Antifa spread online that white people were allowed to do this, and were not treated the same as the black people. I would argue that the past year's record of all the groups had a lot to do with it. Besides, they were in fact shot with pepper balls, and tear gas. They were struck with the batons and shields. If anything in the end they are treated more like criminals and not protesters, and BLM/Antifa can be thankful for that. At the time of this article more than 100 have been arrested and charged with federal crimes, and at least 100 more arrests are expected in the future. In the aftermath 5 people dead, and many injured, with maybe 20k in damages. That is pretty light compared to the several billions in damages and 47 deaths caused by BLM/Antifa Over the course of 2020.

As we approach inauguration day, Biden and Harris call for unity out of one side of their mouths while calling Trump supporters Racists out the other side. As long as they and the other democrats continue to do this, i have a feeling there is still going to be unrest in the nation. People of all colors are Trump supporters, and not racists. (Though a handful are). Biden and Harris did not call for unity after Trump was elected, and he and his supporters tolerated 4 years of hate from the democratic party. As one trump supporter told me in an interview "turnabout is fair play, they gave us 4 years of hate. The bible says what you send out comes back on you 3 fold... well democrats, you asked for it."

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