Mike Pence gets sued


Judge Kernodle said that they lacked the standing to sue

Republican Louie Gohmert has sought after a court order forcing Pence to acknowledge the right to disregard the states democratic electors and instead choose competing GOP electors on Jan 6th.

January the 6th is the day that Pence will unseal the electors votes as the house and the senate meed jointly, and the electorial votes of all 50 states will be counted. Pence has the role to reside over this as allowed by the constitution.

Mike Pence is the one that decides which set of electorial votes gets counted. Gohmer is arguing that Pence should be able to pick slates of electors that compete, from the key battle ground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and in Wisconsin, in responce to the events and evidence of election fraud, as well as other illegal conduct that took place before after and during the election.

The case is

Ghomert v. Pence, 20-cv-00600

US district court

Eastern District of Texas

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