Newsome and Fauci New Strain talk

Gov. Newsome and Dr. Fauci talk about the new faster spreading strain of the covid 19 virus. Fauci stated that he is not shocked by the news that the new strain has made its way to California. Fauci said that "there is no indication at all that it increases the virulence," and that it seems that those who have been infected with the new strain in the U.K. cannot be re-infected. Fauci also noted that from the studies so far, the transmissibility of this strain is higher than the original strain. He also noted that Viruses mutate, and that this one so far as an RNA virus has not shown to be resistant to the current vaccine. He pointed out that it is important to keep a watch out to make sure that it dosent evade the protections of the monoclonal antibodies, as those are specific component of the virus.

Fauci noted that they are following it very closely, and they have isolets from the UK, and are working on it at the NIH and other laboratories throughout the country.

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