Once Censorship is Allowed, It will Not Stop

The days of mass censorship have staRted. But how far will it go? If history has taught us anything it's that once you set something like that in motion it rarely stops. Currently it has started with censoring the President, and conservatives, and his supporters including; government officials. Next it will be to censor the next thing hated by the democratic side. That could be religion. But as young people will find out fast, the people on the hill do not are about them as much as they think. All it will take is for one of them to be offended by something that is done.

Someone from the hill takes their young daughter out for lunch, and some young or even older guy walks past with the waist of his pants hanging low. Beleive it or not just a few days later that sort of thing, all pictures and video is banned from social media. Then the next week, there is a law making it illegal. That is how fast things can happen when you have the tri-fecta. When the democratic party controls all three branches, shit happens fast. Just look at the history from 1961-1969.

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