Opinion - Jann 5th

Updated: Jan 7

Today is a moment in history in the USA that can not be ignored. The fate of the country and Democracy will be decided tonight. The Run off elections happening in Georgia will determine the fate of things to come. If both of the senate seats are claimed by democrats, this will split the senate 50/50. Then VP Elect Kamala Harris will have the tie breaking vote, and the odds of her giving it to the republicans will be high. This means that the senate would be controlled by the democrats.

This could be a sticky situation for Donald Trump if he is placed back into office. The odds of him getting anything done over the next 4 years would be astronomical. On the other hand if Joe Biden is confirmed as the next president, then the democrats would have full control and the ability to pass anything they want would be in their power.

The other way that it could go is for at least one of the seats in the run off to be taken by a republican. This would cause the next 4 years to be a repeat of the last 4 years no matter who gets elected. If Trump retains his office then the democratic controlled house and republican controlled senate would argue as usual. It would be the same in reverse if Joe Biden is confirmed as President.

Today will dictate what the next 4 years will look like.

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