Trump blames democrats and takes no responsibility for Jan 6th

President Trump has blamed democrats for "tremendous anger" in the Jan 6th protest at the capitol. In his first remarks since last week, the claimed no responsibility for what took place, and also said he wanted "no violence".

He defended the rally on that day and his remarks, as "totally appropriate". and did not show any regret or remorse on the siege on the capitol, which has not been invaded since the 1814 invasion by the British.

He also believes that democrats are on a dangerous path with trying to impeach him, as it is the direct cause of tremendous anger, and still remarked that he wants no violence.

Today the house will meet to first try to convince Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment, and declare president Trump unable to serve. It is suspected that Pence will take no such action.

As a result on Wednesday the House will continue the move to impeach trump on the single charge of "Incitement of Insurrection".

5 people died at the event on January 6th, including 2 capitol police officers. 1 protester was shot in the neck by capitol police as she tried to climb through the busted window of a door leading into the inner chambers.

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